We are a child-friendly space that promotes learning and psychosocial well-being in the Old City of Al-Khalil, Palestine.


Our Mission

To provide children living in the Old City in Al-Khalil with a protected and safe space in which they can read, participate in organized activities to play, socialize, and learn, in order to promote psychosocial well-being.

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About Al-Khalil

Al-Khalil, or Hebron, is a hauntingly beautiful, ancient city twisted and torn by decades of unrest and conflict. It is the largest city in the West Bank, home to around 215,000 Palestinians. Its Old City of stone roofs, archways and never-ending alleyways is the perfect playground for the sensory delight of the markets and bazaars. The area is also renowned for grapes, figs, limestone, pottery workshops and glassblowing factories.

In 2017, The United Nations' cultural arm declared the Old City of Hebron a UNESCO protected heritage site.


Our Programs

Our child-friendly space is a place full of adventure, learning, growth, and exploration. We offer engaging programs and activities to enrich children’s social, intellectual and physical development.


Library Corner

Our library corner houses a growing number of books in both Arabic and English, and provides a comfortable and safe space for learning and discovery. Our library is the only children’s library in the community.

Daily activities & workshops

While books are the focus of our activities, we also encourage children to be creative in other related ways. Local and visiting artists occasionally offer workshops, in which the children participate.


Get Involved

We invite you to visit us and share a special moment with our children. Past volunteers have simply visited for a half hour and read a story; others have read stories weekly; some have organized art projects, and much more. Ask us about opportunities or simply drop by for a visit!